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Project Abstract: 
The Program for Research on Oxidants: PHotochemistry, Emissions, and Transport (PROPHET) was created in 1996, as a coordinated research effort aimed at investigation of the relationships between atmospheric odd nitrogen, ozone, and forest-atmosphere interactions. The motivating science questions for PROPHET are described below. - How well do we understand the relationships between nitrogen oxides concentrations and ozone production efficiency in the midwest? - Do we understand the partitioning of nitrogen, and are there missing or uncharacterized atmospheric nitrogen sinks? - How well do we understand the role of biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOCs) with respect to ozone formation, and atmospheric nitrogen sequestration? - What is the impact of ozone deposition on forest productivity? - Do we understand the environmental controls on BVOC emissions, and can they be adequately simulated?
Years Active: 
1997 to 2016
Research sites: 
My student, Shino, will be back this summer to continue looking at BVOC concentrations in white pine needles. She is interested in how environmental parameters affect constituent levels of volatiles and in the variation between the ameriflux and FASET forests. She will be taking needles samples, freezing, them for later extraction and analysis by GC-MS at WMU. I will also be overseeing the PROPHET tower and working with an REU student and some
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