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Detritus Input & Removal Treatment Project (DIRT)

Project Abstract: 
The goal of the DIRT project is to assess the role of plant litter (both from above and belowground) in controlling the accumulation and turnover of organic matter and nutrients in forest soils. This is done by systematically increasing or decreasing inputs of litter from aboveground and by either allowing or excluding tree roots from growing into permanent plots located in temperate forests.
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Years Active: 
2004 to 2019
Research sites: 
Sequential soil coring and C:N analyses Soil CO2 efflux via Infrared Gas analysis (i.e. LI-COR 6400) Zero Tension and Tension Lysimetry with analyses of Dissolved Organic Carbon, Total Dissolved Nitrogen, and Dissolved Inorganic Nitrogen Minirhizotrons to quantify rooting dynamics Leaf litterfall quantification