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Field Inventory Data of three Sample Locations

Field Inventory Data of three Sample Locations
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  • Definition: Data collected included tree species, tree stem diameter at breast height (DBH) measured at 4.5 feet above the ground, and relative crown position (understory vs. overstory). Standard DBH measuring protocols were followed according to standards described by West (2015). Over the 69 plots, measurements of a total of 281 live trees with a minimum DBH of 10 c.m. from 23 species (Table 2.2). Three out of 33 plots at Scio Woods and three out of 24 plots at Brauer Preserve contained no live trees greater than 10 c.m. in DBH and were excluded from biomass calculations due to concerns that plots containing 0 kg of tree biomass would lead to arbitrary underestimates of biomass. An additional plot located in Scio Woods was also thrown out due to questionable GPS accuracy.
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