Notes on some fungi of Michigan-I. Cyphellaceae

TitleNotes on some fungi of Michigan-I. Cyphellaceae
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1963
AuthorsReid DA

This paper is based largely on collections made by the author in Michigan, U.S.A. The genera represented among these collections are Flagelloscypha Donk (with 1 species), Lachnella Fr. emend. Donk (1), Cyphellopsis Donk (1), Merismodes Earle (1), Henningsomyces O. Kuntze (1), Calathella Reid, gen. nov. (2), Cellypha Donk (1), Pellidiscus Donk (1), Stromatocyphella W. B. Cooke emend. Reid (1), Plicaturopsis Reid, gen. nov. (1). The genetic differences between Cyphellopsis, Merismodes and Phaeocyphellopsis W. B. Cooke are critically discussed; the latter genus is reduced to the synonymy of Merismodes. Full accounts are given of all the species, including an unidentified sterile Cyphelloid fungus and two new taxa vez. Henningsomyces pubera var. americana Reid and Calathella davidii Reid.