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Livingston Bog

45.5411, -84.6457
Site Overview: 
Beautiful classic bog S of Birchwood Rd., most recently studied and mapped by Barb Madsen & Howard Crum. Owned by Bonnett.
Site History: 

Letter from EG Voss (re naming of the bog): I have always assumed it was named for Burton Edward Livingston (1875-1948), who received his B.S. from the U. of Michigan in 1898 and his Ph.D. from the U. of Chicago in 1901--where he returned to the faculty 1899-1904. He was a native of Grand Rapids, and in 1901 did field work for the Michigan Geological Survey (as Frank C. Gates did in 1911!). He published on soils and plant communities in Kent, Roscommon, and Crawford counties. After a couple of years with the U.S. Bureau of Soils and the Carnegie Institution, in 1909 he went to Johns Hopkins. I do not know whether he ever visited Douglas Lake. However, the "Illinois connection" leads me to suspect that Gleason and/or Gates decided to honor him in the bog name.Conversation with David Gates: he says no, it was named for Livency? Livingston, a student here and a teacher at Swarthmore.  Pictures of him in 73 or 74.  He was wandering around near Nichols Bog and found it.