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The Effects of Elevated CO2 on Plant Chemistry and Population Dynamics

Project Abstract: 
The goal of this REU project is to (1) investigate the growth rate of Aphis nerii raised on two species of Asclepias (A. syriaca, A. speciosa) grown under elevated and ambient carbon dioxide, and (2) to determine whether this growth rate is correlated with metrics of plant chemical defense such as cardiac glycosides (cardenolides).
Status of Research Project: 
Years Active: 
Plants were grown in the UMBS chamber array under elevated (800 ppm) or ambient (400 ppm) CO2. Aphid colonies were established from a singular individual collected near Ann Arbor, MI. Cardenolide analysis was conducted using ultra high performance liquid chromatography (UPLC, Waters Inc., Milford, MA, USA) on a Phenonenex Luna C-18 column. Foliar carbon, nitrogen ratios were determined using an elemental analyzer; foliar phosphorus was determined using coloriometric assay through an acid digestion method.
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