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Stinchfield Woods Full Aerial Photo 1995 (west)

Historical aerial image of Stinchfield Woods taken April 24th, 1995 at 1:24,000 scale. This photo covers Stinchfield Woods and some of the area to the west of the property - see dataset for its eastern counterpart. More information please go to Data type: Raster data


Stinchfield Woods
9401 Stinchfield Woods Rd, Pinckney, MI 48169
United States

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  • sw_4-24-95_west_semcog_WR.img
  • sw_4-24-95_west_semcog_WR.img.xml
  • sw_4-24-95_west_semcog_WR.rrd
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  • Definition: unique identifier
  • Type: Nominal
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  • Definition: pixel value
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  • Definition: count of pixels corresponding to that value
  • Type: Nominal
  • Missing values: None specified

Historical images were scanned and georectified to a standard projection by the UM Forests McIntire-Stennis project (K. Bergen, PI).

Cite As: SEMCOG (1995). Aerial photograph 95-112-6-25, April 24, 1995. Scale 1:24,000.