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Colonization capacity of migrating species

Project Abstract: 
Plant populations migrating in response to climate change will have to colonize established communities. Even if a population disperses to a new region with a favorable climate, interactions with other species may prevent its establishment and further spread. The potential of these species to grow along with residents will be a critical factor controlling their response to climate change. To determine the capacity of migrating species to colonize established communities we are conducting long-term transplant experiments.
Status of Research Project: 
This year I will be searching for research locations to set up permanent plots. The goal is to gather data on tree species demographic parameters, seed production, germination, establishment, seedling growth, survival, … . The ideal would be to use locations as different as possible along environmental gradients. The experimental set up will include seed collection equipment, baskets (20 per site), installation of transects (20 per site), 1x2 m, and of equipment to measure environmental conditions, light, temperature and soil moisture.
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