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Colonial Point

45.4761, -84.6792
Site Overview: 
OSP: Wooded peninsula on W shore of Burt Lake. Most of property owned by UMBS.
Site History: 

Letter from A. (Tony) Tryban to BVK: "Chick" Lathers was a backup catcher for the Detroit Tigers and roomed with Ty Cobb when on the road (year?). Lathers had a dairy farm - raised registered guernseys - milk was delivered primarily to Petoskey - raw milk at that time.  His herdsman was Bill Sydow. Sydow's son delivered the milk. I had RuthSydow as a student (Bill's daughter) in the lower grades back in 1934-36.  She married a fellow named Scott (last name).  She could tell you if her brother is alive - if so he (her brother) would be a good source of information for you.
Burt Gadge, Festival Lane (son works at Wickes): Chick Lathers is buried in Petoskey.     
Bachmann (1964): Logging was being done in the Colonial Point area at this time.
Monica Hippler: Farmhouse is where Rafteries live. Skilton house of Jerome Miller is where foreman lived.    Garage by cemetery is where Lathers lived. Dairy farm was probably in the 1920’s.
  Pinewood Camp on Burt LakeColonial Hotel on Burt Lake

Indian Point