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Bryophyte Bed

45.6308, -84.6814
Site Overview: 
Site is still owned by the Ginop family. This site was discovered by Ed Ginop as he was digging this pond with his backhoe.
Site History: 

(continued): The material that he pulled up from about 6 feet down looked different. That observation began the process which resulted in several publications of this buried bryophyte bed. Alex Jones and Bob VK visited Mr. Ed Ginop in June 2010 to take some pictures and get a good gps reading. Mr. Ginop gave Bob some of the original material pulled up, which is stored in the Resident Biologist's office. Here is Mr. Ginop and Alex at the SE corner of the pond, just a few feet away from the spot where UM scientists dug up these old bryophytes.

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Ginop's Pond