Inland Lake Study: Douglas Lake

TitleInland Lake Study: Douglas Lake
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1971
AuthorsZollner GA, Graveline J, Green B, Witmer G

This study has examined the inland lake as a natural entity that is being threatened by man through misuse, neglect, and uncontrolled development practices. Each lake began as a pristine feature that, over time, has been influenced to some degree by the presence of man. Many of the lakes existing today are virtually untouched by the influences of man. Many others, however, exhibit either partially or fully developed shorelines. Cultural developments have influenced phenomenal changes that have led to the deterioration of both water quality and the aesthetic values of these lakes. Each day, the pressures of man are causing pollution and threatening the existence of our inland lakes. This study is designed to identify those instances where human pressures are most threatening and the offer guidelines which may eliminate the present problems through the vehicles of strong government legislation and enforcement as well as educational guidelines for the citizenry. The Clean Earth Corps Environmental Study Team offers these recommendations to the governor.