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45.5286, -84.7754
Site Overview: 
Site of dam on Maple River where the E and W branches meet, creating Lake Kathleen.
Site History: 

Mark Paddock: Bogardus may have had a little dam there for logging (according to Leroy Gregory). 1904—electric power put in and the original dam with generator running in 1905. It generated power until the late 40’s.  Bogardus had sold it (one of the few things he made money on when he went broke). The dam went out in the fall of 1951. It wasn’t being maintained. There was a road on top of the dam. A school bus driver noticed it was rougher than usual and the dam went out just after he crossed. The state got hold of the land and allowed the county to put in a little park—Lincoln park. But then the state sold it to Ken McLaughlin (lives in Mackinaw City), about 1953.. He traded land from French Farm Lake for this state land. But he had to put a dam back in which he did by 1958.  Later he sold the land to Parky Offield who built a fence around the property.
    Scott McEwen: says that from aerial photographs there was no dam in 1952, 63, or 65.