Composition of snowmelt and runoff in northern Michigan

TitleComposition of snowmelt and runoff in northern Michigan
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1987
AuthorsCadle SH, Dasch JMuhlbaier, Kopple RJVande
JournalEnvironmental Science and Technology

Snowmelt and runoff were studied during the 1982-1983 and the 1983-1984 winters at the University of Michigan Biological Station, which is located near the northern tip of Michigan’s lower peninsula. The first 50% of the snowpack acidity was released in meltwater and rainwater equal to 25% of the original snowpack water content. Interaction between the meltwater and the litter layer produced large changes in the concentrations of most species. Runoff to two streams had high SO4-2 and very low NO3- concentrations. It is concluded that most of the NO3- is either biologically utilized or retained in the watershed, even during the early snowmelt period at this site.