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Munro Township Beach

45.5862, -84.6563
Site Overview: 
An arrangement, made in the 1920's or 30's, allowed the township to use this area of N. Fishtail Bay as their beach.
Site History: 

Mark Paddock (Dec. 96): The original written agreement between UM and the Munro Township Board had about 10 stipulations: No camping, No fires, No cutting of firewood, etc. But when Mark met with them in 1974 or thereabouts, they stated that they couldn’t enforce these rules, but otherwise they very much would like to keep the arrangement. Mark proposed a gate on the entrance road, just past the curve where it turns N and S, and a policy of having someone actually police the beach. But Charlie Bonnett said that this was a county road and you couldn’t close it. That was a sore point for him for some time. Later David Gates and Mark Paddock did write a letter to the Munro Township Board cancelling the agreement. A number of township residents were unhappy. Elsie Romanik objected enough to get the Free Press to do a story about it. Technically, the agreement has been cancelled, but nothing changed in its use.
    UMBS used to have their July 4th picnic there (for maybe the first 10 years). Everybody would pile into boats and go over.